I bought my first house, delighted but also challenging.. I've got enough fantasy but not enough inspiration. I can't visualize the changes, I need to see it in front of me or in a drawing. I went to Patricia and ask her if it was possible to visualize the styles I had in mind. Perfect! Everything I wanted was in my design and all styles were combined just right. Exactly what I needed to go and buy my interior pieces. I was also pleased that she stayed in contact with me after sending the design. Just in case I had more questions or wanted to change a specific colour. 10/10, extremely helpful for my new interior!
E-design 3D advice
Patricia Stump gave me a comprehensive interior advice. The program she uses is extremely beautiful and clear. Everything can be drawn by her, made to measure and in 3D. Because of this she made me change my mind on the idea of having a high cupboard and to choose for a low cabinet because of the narrow size of the room. When it came to colours, her choices were a lot bolder than what I would of chosen myself, which brings new perspectives. In my case it worked out perfectly, our house feels so much more like a home than it did before! If you want to make changes, but you don't know where to start, I can highly recommend Patricia. I can assure you their is enough space to incorporate your own ideas!
Total 3D interior advice


Curious what it looks like what I'm doing. The link below takes you to my portfolio with the most recent interior designs I made. Different options of advice are possible to suit your needs.

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To create your own personal & unique space. To help you get clarity in dividing your space. Or to advice about the last bit of styling to complete your interior. Have a look at the options.

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PS are my initials, I'm Patricia Stump, the interior designer and stylist behind PS INTERIOR STUDIO. Click below to get to know a bit more about me.

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