Dining & Living room

E-design 3D advice

visualisation of the new interior

Glenn bought his first house, super exciting! But also challenging and confusing when it comes to interior with all options and tips from everyone. He was not sure which colours to use and where and how you make sure everything still matches in the end. He asked me to help and visualize his new interior based on the styles and features he loved. After we went through all details, I couldn’t wait to start and give him a visualization of the interior that was personal to him.


some before pictures

my vision for the new space

Making the house into a home.

Creating a space to host parties, to eat and drink with friends & family. A space where you can also find your peace in the corner of the living room that is full of comfort.

The style is characterized by neutral & dark shades. Combined with natural elements like steel, wood and plants to give lightness, but also give that masculine feel. 

In short: a space where you love to hang out.

designs of his new living & dining room

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