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Eva and her family live in a beautiful house, built in the thirties with their best known features: the ensuite doors and stained glass windows. Eva asked for my help because she was thinking of changing her layout (swapping dining and living area) but she was not sure if it would all fit. She also wanted to change colours once they were adjusting the space, but she had no idea how or where to start.

A dream job for me, because big changes were requested.

some before pictures

my vision for the new interior

A warm, welcoming and stylish family home.

Placing the living room at the front of the house with botanical classic vibes. An area where you want to snuggle up together and watch a film or read a good book.

The dining area is light and playful with space for music and a play area for the kids. A classic environment with a modern touch and a bit of colour and guts.

3D design of their new living & dining room

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